Tuesday Sushi

Everyday Adventures

I wanted to go out tonight and Spectrum wanted Chinese so we went out to Rice Bowl for dinner. Oh, so much food, so much good food. And, yes, some sushi as well 🙂

Writing-wise I drafted an eHow article and then maybe got another page or so done on Wedding Tarot. I admit, I was not incredibly on-task tonight but I did get a soupcon of work done. It counts. Relatively unforunately, Spec is planning to sign a lease on an apartment tomorrow so that means he’ll be going back to Louisiana again (sigh) so I want to hang out with him as much as I can. If that means pecking away at something on the couch next to him, so be it, and I’ll work like the devil when he’s away. But, you know, the sooner her leave the sooner he’ll be back for good, then we can figure out how to date in the same city when we’re not temporarily cohabiting. Whee!

Plus, I totally have him hooked on Real Housewives of New York City 😉

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