4 down, way more to go

Everyday Adventures

So, after one week of ‘behaving’ myself food-wise and getting a little bit more movement in my day I have managed to knock off 4 pounds. Yay me! Yeah, yeah, I know full well it’s mostly water weight. I’m just happy to see the scale go down.

Saturday was J&S’s wedding and it was very sweet. I have to say it was a bit difficult to tamp down the irreverence with the well-placed thunder during the Eucharist (oh, yes, surprise! it was a full Mass! whee!) but what do you expect from a lapsed everything? Precisely. Then we came home, vegged out in front of the tube while I pecked a few more pages out on the WT script (up to 20 pages now), ordered pizza and enjoyed the evening.

Sunday was spent mostly working on this week’s comics. Not that they were incredibly difficult, it was just me warring with myself. It’s tough to stay on task when I have someone around I would rather be snuggled up with on the couch instead of hunched over a sheet or two of bristol. But they got done. And we made cookies last night!

Tonight I had to introduce him to the hilarity that is Madagascar. (I like to move it, move it!) Figured he could use the laughs after a day of apartment hunting and he was already watching Cars when I got home from the office 🙂 Now that the comic is done, I think the major thing is going to be decided how best to waste the rest of the evening. (move it!)

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