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Still puts me about 3 behind for where I should be for the month (tomorrow it will be 6, lol) but I’m still in good shape overall. This weekend will be catch-up time and maybe even get a smidge ahead. After the comic and finishing up an eHow article, of course.

Had a bit of a kitchen adventure tonight. After dinner (steak with mashed cauliflower) we made up the Amish (?) Friendship Bread from the starter that had been growing on the counter for the last 10 days. Instead of dividing and sharing we opted to cook all of it at once, which meant tripling the recipe (about) but it turned out I really didn’t have everything I needed. Subbed applesauce for oil (so, hey, it was healthier) and only had 6 eggs so boosted the leavening with extra baking powder. In the process we managed to drop a carton of salt into the mix (right side up, just made a bit of a splash) go through several spoons, and made a general mess. To a dozen muffins we added dried fruit, to a 9×13 pan of the batter we added a bag of butterscotch chips and the bundt pan just got the cinnamon-sugar treatment. Because of the substitutions it turned out a little more dense (esp. the muffins) than it could have, a little chewier, but the butterscotch version totally rocks. Probably because of the added fat from the chips, truth be told.

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