Trade Off

Everyday Adventures

It was a choice between the meeting, tonight, or productivity. Let’s face it: on meeting nights my time gets chopped up and I can’t find a rhythm. By the time I get home (and this would have likely been another long one) I’m usually wiped and/or flighty. So, knowing that I’m still constantly exhausted, had a headache, and still had work on two articles for the 15th, I opted for productivity, slow as it was.

Now I have two articles drafted, a third begun, a closet of clean towels and a tidied living and dining rooms. Not bad for having to bribe myself with several games of WordTwist in between the more ornery parts. Last night I started on an idea for some paper doll scenery and I think it’s going well. Got the basic shape and construction issues on paper, now for a few more details, ink, color, and the accessories which will go on a separate sheet. This is so much fun, I’m going to have to be careful not to get carried away with it 🙂

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