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Man, this ISBN or not to ISBN is totally giving me a headache so I’m tabling the issue for a little while longer. After all, I still have the extra strips to do for the book and all the layout, I really only need to know before I design the cover (holy cow, the cover, not a clue there yet).

I mean, getting the ISBN is really just a matter of a form and a check. The thing is, I’d be the publisher of record so I suppose I should really do it right by setting up a fictitious name (another form, another check) and get a PO Box for it just to be all official and everything. And I’ve been thinking a PO Box wouldn’t be a bad idea, anyway, just to use for business-type things. It just feels like a much huger step than a couple of forms and a couple of checks, ya know?

Of course, it’s not like Book 1 is meant to be a bestseller. Honestly, part of it is for tax reasons, showing a good faith effort in actually, eventually turning some sort of small profit so that art supplies, etc. are acceptable write-offs. I have no need, at this stage of the game, to go anywhere near Inc or LLC status, so at least that’s not hurting my head, but the rest is official enough for right now.

Since this is me, of course I’ll probably just go ahead and deal with the forms and pay the fees and have 10 ISBNs to use over the next however long (for instance, did you know electronic “books” require their own, separate, ISBN? They do… go figure! and, of course, each individual edition needs its own and while I don’t plan to do revisions on the Year 1 book, there are other projects in the works). I know I will. It just started to seem a tad overwhelming for a bit.

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  1. Acceptable write-offs! What are you talking about? Everything is acceptable if you use it to produce your product, whatever it is. (Tax advice for entertainment purposes only and should not be used in place of professional services or see as legally binding.) Heck yeah, take it all off when you can.

    That mail-box would be deductable so you might as well get it now. It’s 180 per year at the UPS store next to the Publix. Of course that is for a business box. If you just wanted a personal because you’re not there yet it’s definitely cheaper.

    I saw get those ISBNs. Why the fictitious name though? IF you’re doing that might as well go LLC route. (Not Inc. much more mess and paperwork. LLC is sweat and clean and has the same protections as an Corporation. Business advice for entertainment purposes only and should not……)

    Well I’m sure you’ll sort it all out. Take a deep breath. See where you want to be next year. Where are you heading with your comics/projects and set yourself up now. It won’t be cheaper in the future and you can take the tax credits now. Word. (Life advice for entertainment purposes only…..)
    Malcolm Sterling
    New Bards’ Press (LLC)

  2. Well, you see, if you have no expectation of receiving funds FROM a project, the expenses that go INTO them are not deductible as they are hobby expenses instead of business (I’m sure you know that, but just for anyone else who doesn’t). Not to mention that pesky 3-year rule for deductions. Such a pain.

    The fictitious name is just for a slight sheen of credibility. It wouldn’t take anyone long to find out _____ Press (still trying to decide on a name) is owned totally by the person whose book it is, but it looks better on the flyleaf than saying BOOK by Jennifer Walker, Publisher: Jennifer Walker. As such, an LLC might be a step beyond what I need–I could always do it later if it became warranted. I could do business without the registration, of course, but since there are official forms involved with the ISBN registration, it’s best to be all on the up and up (and FI registrations are fairly inexpensive, about half an LLC), plus I need to refile my sales tax forms and I might as well have a legal, all-encompassing name to put it under since it looks, *gulp*, like I’m gonna be doing this for a while.

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