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Some days you win, some days you lose. Today was sorta in the middle.

Work was okay ’til lunch. When said lunch decided it didn’t want to play nice. Granted, I didn’t feel too well after supper last night (which was the same thing: Garden Salad with Salmon, simple, healthy, tasty) but I thought it was a fluke. Er, no. So, okay, feeling very ill for a couple hours while I trudge through some receivables reports. Enter confused client. Confused client is sorta disputing an alterations charge because the salesman (big surprise) neglected to inform, yadda yadda yadda, Boss walks in as I’m getting off of that call, explain to him what he overheard, have to dress-down salesman who tries to tell me he told the client all about it (which I doubt since there’s nothing in writing and it’s a credit card order and he knows we have to have price changes in writing).

And my body said no. My face and chest splotched bright red and stayed that way, burning, full-on flushing, for the rest of the day. Which, you know, might not sound like much but it’s actually really draining. Thing is, this isn’t the first time this reaction had happened, recently, I’ve been having more symptoms in the last month or so compared to the last 6 months prior combined (or longer). It kinda bums me out that this stuff is back again, that I might not be able to breeze through that next round of dr’s appointments and labwork in September. It’s not what it was 3 years ago, before I knew what it was and what I could do to help the situation, but it’s ramping up a bit. Trying not to spaz about it, and all, but it’s annoying.

On the up side, though, I totoally managed to get all the inking for this week’s comics taken care of tonight, scanned, uploaded and blogged. Whew! That’s what took today from majorly sucking to being moderately okay. Had a very safe supper, ditched the rest of the salad leftovers, and am looking forward to a much better day tomorrow. I think it might be a good time to work on the next article and play with the Print Gocco kit, finally: two birds, one stone.

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