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So today Palmie and I were discussing the merits of potential home-ownership.

Basically, two years ago I figured by now I’d be putting a downpayment on a small home of my own or getting ready to. Obviously I haven’t nor am I about to, so what happened? Well, one thing led to another, my absolute brain-failure when it comes to the concept of saving money, and I’m still not fully unpacked here. In the interim, I’ve discovered that it’s not all that important to me after all.

I’m single. Likely to stay that way for all intents and purposes, at least as far as my living arrangement is concerned. I don’t have kids. Another thing that I sincerely doubt will change. So while it might be nice to call some place mine, let’s face it: it wouldn’t really be mine for 30 years, provided I stayed there the entire time and didn’t refinance or move after 7 years which was the industry standard back when I took my mortgage broker license training. So I’m 31 now and if I bought a home in the next 4 years I’m looking at having a house payment for 30 years. Not to mention the burden of upkeep and property taxes which, honestly?, scare the living daylights out of me. Something about a whamo! once-a-year bill that makes me queasy.

The benefits of being able to do what I want with a place just don’t make me all aquiver.

But then there was the equity issue. What do I really need equity for? I mean, going back to the singlehood thing: there’s no one to benefit from it in the long run. What am I going to use it for? Improvements to the house I’ve been paying for all those years? Or maybe to pay off credit card debt that’s accrued thanks to surprise upkeep issues or things of that nature. I’m just not compelled. Then there’s also the alone-issue with a house: if I have too much open space around me I feel a bit vulnerable and nervous. The irony is that I’m actually claustrophobic. Go figure.

Palmie, on the other hand, would love nothing more to live in a secluded country area. She needs things like a yard and only people she wants around, that sort of thing. Me? I prefer a little more community, even if I don’t actually know my neighbor’s names.

Then I said it: My be-all end-all would be some industrial concrete-and-steel loft area decorated in black and white with occasional splashes of accent color. Some place open but, as lofts go, connected to other properties. Open, maleable space. Might even be enough to quell the slight gyspy tendency that comes from having moved so often as a child.

She replied that I’d actually have a better chance of finding a treehouse than some ultra-modern loft.

Then I opened the mail.

Included in today’s batch was a postcard touting a survey on, essentially, the feasibility of live/work spaces for artists. If you’re interested in participating in the survey, go to and check it out.

Dude, a planned artists community? A home with built-in or adjacent studio space? Community special-task areas, gallery space, etc? Living in a hive of creativity? I’m so there! Granted, I’m not a full-time working artist by any means, but that also means I’d be able to pay my bills. There are upsides to having a day job, you know.

Palmie said it was a sign. I just say it’s what can happen when you toss out to the Universe what you really want; even to someone who has no ability to supply that desire.

Truthfully, my current apartment really isn’t all that bad. The one thing I wish it had is washer-dryer hook-ups. The laundry room is only a building away and Mom’s is about a 5 min drive if I’m low on quarters, but still, that would be the one main convenience that I lack. That and slightly better soundproofing. But even then, it’s not so bad. I recently renewed my lease for a third year, so I’ll be hear at least until next June. Maybe then I’ll decide to upgrade a bit, but I don’t see myself buying any property in the immediate future. I’ll stay a renter, with someone else to cover upkeep and repairs.

The upshot here, however, is that I do feel a bit of a kick in the ass to get some work done on the Abyss. Perhaps I’ll drum up enough energy to tackle the space in there so I can actually start working in there, instead of here at the dining room table, or on the couch.

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