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1 part inspiration and 99 parts perspiration, then All Saints is the next freaking Montmartre!

Holy cow but it was hot in there. I’m sure my decaf-soy caramel latte didn’t help, but I really don’t think it hurt all that much, either (well, except the tip of my tongue… the downside to impatience!).

Nonetheless, I hung out there for close to two hours and I think I’ve pretty much got the calligraphy-pen article down. In fact, I went ahead and uploaded it just now as a draft. I’ll give it another day to tweak and then it’ll be ready to submit. When I got home I got to play impromptu photo-shoot to get the visuals I needed. I now realize that of the 35 I shot, I still managed to miss 2 that I need, but those will be quick (and tomorrow). Not all made the cut, of course, but (especially with the ease of digital) you take ten for one good one.

Still, my set up of the camera on it’s tripod pointed down at the ground and taking pictures with a large sheet of watercolor paper as the background (site specs a white or light background) worked very well. I’m pleased. I do want to get a photo box eventually, though. Eventually I’ll need something a smidge more professional, especially if I get back into jewelry (or ever get around to selling the ones I’ve already done).

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