Inky Fingers

Everyday Adventures

Apparently some things can’t be done without making a mess.

I just finished the visual aids for my next eHow article on calligraphy pen choice. I still need to photograph them but the tedious part is definitely done. Tomorrow I’m dragging Sonja to work with me so I can write at All Saints before heading home for the evening. I’m going to try and remove myself from the distractions of home and see if it helps my concentration level. Which reminds me, I need to put the styleguide in my laptop bag so I’ll have it with me. Doin’ it now!

In other bits of responsible behavior, I managed to talk myself out of talking my out of going walking at the park after work. I was on a good track by not pushing myself at all on the first uphill portion to try and ease the ‘oh my word my legs are on fire’ feeling that I usually get at the first incline, but may have pushed myself a smidge too hard on the second time around since I really started to feel ill maining the pace. I survived, all is well, but wow. Remind me not to do that again, okay?

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