Everyday Adventures

So, I really need to download a more amusing game for the Q than solitaire even if it did come in handy standing in line at Best Buy. But now the tv is swapped out and so far, so good. Since J had an early day, I left work at 3:30 to meet him here so we could box up the defective set and go exchange it but BB was such a mad-house that it was still 5pm when we left there. Sigh…

Then I went and had my nails done and got them trimmed to a much more workable level (I won’t say what palmie calls this length) and decided to have my eyebrows done while there. Um, yeah, see, I’ve waxed at home and all but it was nothing like this. I suppose it’s worth the temporary discomfort to have them done right for once and I should be able to keep them up myself now but WOW did that sting!

Took a long nap after eating the wrap and smoothie I picked up for supper and now I’m finishing up Tuesday’s comic and going to start in on some editing of the graphic novel script. Yay for progress and double-yay for weekends. Aside from tidying up the apartment (still somewhat wrecked from the party/holiday craziness) and a load of laundry, I’m chillin’ this weekend as much as possible.

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