Starting the year off tired!

Everyday Adventures

Well, might as well, right?

Last night was fun: Palmie and Swanjun came over for movies and wings to ring in the new year in a relaxed, fun fashion. Slept in this morning and got up just in time to catch the Rose Parade from the beginning (though now I know that Travel Channel broadcasts more parade and less ‘hosts’ whereas the network feed spent too much time with Al Roker, et al. and cut out the last half hour; Travel Channel also replays the parade all freaking day, along with a text message banner running along the bottom of the screen) for the first time in probably ever. Biscuits with strawberry jelly and mimosas made from last night’s champagne were breakfast.

After that I’ve pretty much done not much today. Of course I cooked the traditional cabbage and black-eyed peas for wealth and health, respectively, but at 8:30 I realized I was ridiculously tired for someone who hadn’t done much of anything all day. I really don’t know what’s with me! I did brainstorm article ideas for January but there’s a pair of them that might be too close to other articles, even though I really want to write them. If I can figure out a good angle I can justify the similar content so we’ll see. Until then I need to work on the five I know I can write.

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