Is Cold in January News?

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That was a discussion for the talking heads this morning: whether cold weather in January is actually news. Of course, it is nice to be altered when a hard freeze warning is in effect (which it is for the next 2 nights) but as far as headlines go, a freeze in January (even in Florida) really doesn’t qualify.

And speaking of cold: I can’t decide if I caught one over the holiday or not. I know, I know, I’ve been teetering on the edge of catching something for the past several months, I just wish it would make up its mind already. Granted, even if this stabbity headache persists I have to go to work tomorrow because of the annual WC audit (which I am actually ready for, thank heavens!) and just in general the EOY duties that need to be done.

But in productive news I created two new blogs (no links until I have them a bit more put together). One as a production diary for Wedding Tarot (guilt is a great motivator) and one as a place to stash the Illustration Friday submissions and updates on my writing, etc. Over the next however long I’m going to work on setting up an online portfolio for writing pieces and art with the plan to be able to increase not only my productivity but also my marketability in those areas. Time (and effort) will tell how well this works, but I’m at least going to give it a shot!

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