Almost through!

Everyday Adventures

Only a handful of days left in the year and I’m happy to say that I’ve met my obligations for the rest of it so far. Articles and invoice submitted, comics done for the year (the next one will post New Year’s Day so I count it as next year, not this one) and Christmas finished with. I’m even fairly current at work. This is pretty cool.

In the TV saga we’ve decided to just go ahead and exchange the set at Best Buy. J’s going to come over tomorrow evening or Saturday and haul it around for me and I’ll just hope for a non-dud this time. It would have taken several days to 2 weeks at the repair place (esp considering the impending weekend and holiday) so since the purchase is less than a week old (maybe a week and a half at most) it just makes more sense to exchange it and have it over with.

Nothing else of note except I really hope I’m not coming down with the flu just in time for NYE. I’m ridiculously tired and achy and grouchy and potentially feverish. But maybe if I take it easy this weekend I can avoid it once more this year. Always the optimist (well, mostly, and tempered by reality keeping me from being cockeyed).

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