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Today was the first day back at work after the holidays and while it wasn’t a bad day by any stretch of the imagination, my internal calendar is screwed all to hell and back. I actually thought I had another night to finish the comic until about 3pm this afternoon. Whoops! So it was a nap, dinner, and then the comic.

Now, I had thought to put a movie on to test out the new dvd player but low and behold when I turned on the new TV that Santa (aka Mom) brought me I found something very strange. After not one full day of use it now has two sound options: mute and BLARE. I tried every setting I could on every remote and even called the toll-free philips customer service line. Which was not exactly helpful but I’m sure no one is surprised at that. I explained the problem much like I did above and this little automaton asks “So you’re saying the sound is fuzzy?” Um. No. I’m saying it’s too loud. “Have you tried the volume controls?” *headdesk* Seriously, people, I mean, sure, some idiots might not be able to find the volume button on the side of the set or the remote, but no, I assure you I’d found them. For pities freaking sake.

Anyway, supposedly I get to call AZ Electronics (“which is at ### Carolina St, which is in Tallahassee, which is in Florida”–no lie, folks, I told her my zip code in order for her to find the nearest service place and she feels the need to tell me what state my own town is located in. Now, I could understand if she were telling me that the nearest registered service place was in Georgia or Alabama–in which case we say screw you–but seriously?) tomorrow with the reference number, it’s under warranty (no, really? durr) so no charge for parts or labor, and arrange for an appointment to bring it in for repairs. The fun part? I can’t lift the damn thing. My arms aren’t long enough. Andrew even had trouble with it because it’s so wide and awkward.

And I do not relish telling Mom about this, tomorrow. I wonder, though, if it wouldn’t be easier to just take it back to Best Buy for an exchange at this early stage of the game. Of course, it doesn’t bode well that after 24 hours it flakes out on me. I really expected more from it. Sigh… Good thing I didn’t commit the 19″er to someone else otherwise I’d really be screwed. Sure, I have the little 13″ set tucked away in a corner somewhere, but I’m thinking that the NYE Twilight Zone marathon with palmie and jun would be far less entertaining on 13″.

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