Stupid Hormones

Everyday Adventures

Being a girl sucks somedays. Example of the lovely hormonal ennui? I’m eating supper and watching the first episode of Girls Next Door Season 3 which is their Christmas epi and Holly and Bridget have adopted this family and are getting the presents ready to send over and I tear up. I’ve seen this episode two or three times already with no adverse reaction but tonight I get all emo over it. Sheesh.

And the weather isn’t helping. The gray drizzlies just make me want to curl up and sleep 24/7 so productivity was way down. It was only through sheer force of will that I got the two articles I wrote on Tuesday finalized tonight and only a little bit done on Tuesday’s comic. I suppose between the busy time of Monday evening through yesterday, today’s slackitude is balanced out, but still: I need to be able to be a bit productive every day and not have the highs and lows.

Maybe tomorrow will be better. It’ll be Friday, after all.

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