Got so busy I forgot to blog!

Everyday Adventures

Whoops! Tuesday was insanely productive: I drafted almost an entire article before work (yeah, I was up _that_ early) and wrote another one once I got home, plus did visuals for one of the articles. There was actually video involved but something pesky happened when I resaved it and the audio just went absolutely horrible. Oh, well, took alternate stills and got those edited tonight. Article 3 of the remaining 4 will be knitting related and I’m working out a kink in the pattern but should get it done tomorrow night.

Also, after I posted Monday night I actually completed Thursday’s comic a few days early and just finished the pencils for _next_ Tuesday–holy cow, y’all, I’m actually crawling ahead again! If I can keep it up I might build up enough to increase my update schedule again. That would be sweet! It would also tighten up the lag (possibly, I could also end up extending occurrences into arcs, but then again maybe not) from it’s current 8-9 months to maybe only 3 or 4. Dare to dream, right?

Also got the taxes mailed off, several of the shipments for the Vegas welcome bags in at work, and a fair amount of work done on a variety of projects. Tonight, since I was ahead on the comic, I went to dinner with Palmetto and then we stopped by Target because I wanted to pick up the next season of Girls Next Door and then wandered Kohl’s because I hadn’t been since before Christmas. Found 2 shirts and a red case for the iPod. Best thing about the case? 2 things, actually: 1)80% off and 2)it’s made so that all the ports are accessible! No more having to take it out of the case to charge it or transfer tunes! Rock on!

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