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I knew people sacrificed for their art, I didn’t think it would be the pads of my fingers from sharpening colored pencils! Ouch! I have a blister after prepping 48 of them this evening. Apparently you pay through the nose for them AND still have to sharpen them yourselves. Oh, well, they’ll be fun to play with.

Slow day at the office today. Not that work was especially slow, but I was. Sleepy, tired, etc etc etc I just couldn’t keep focused for anything. So I took a lunch break and did a little shopping (40% off coupon plus a $25 gift card made the colored pencils much more reasonably priced, lol) at Michaels and Fashion Bug, hoping that would snap me into a more productive afternoon. Not exactly. Actually got a little light headed for a while. Shopper’s high or is that cold coming back? It passed so I’m not going to worry about it.

Mostly lounged and watched TV tonight so far but I did manage to get Tuesday’s Random Acts… inked and uploaded. Now to work on an eHow article. I’m kinda hoping I get a second (well, first) wind in a bit.

One thought on “Manual Labor

  1. I don’t mean to sound glib about your pain but they do make electric pencil sharpeners. 8^)

    I’m just saying there’s only so much an artist is expected to do for their art, right?

    Look on the bright side, it’ll be tax deductable for next year. 8^)

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