Monday Night Update

Everyday Adventures

Too sleepy to be witty.

Good news: January articles in the can and invoice submitted. Black boots dropped off for heel repair, apparently ‘no problem’, and will be ready Wednesday afternoon. Tomorrow’s comic was finished on Friday.

Not-so-good news: Accidental Florist was probably the least satisfying Jill Churchill novel I’ve ever read; where was the actual story? the mystery Jane and Shelley were supposed to solve? how in the hell did all that get pushed to the side for a wedding and such? and she referenced herself point-blank which just totally turned me off. I made the point of finishing this book during/after dinner and now I’m too sleepy to concentrate on Thursday’s comic. There is nothing on television and I actually resorted to the easy listening music channel for background, non-distracting music.


Oh, apparently the property inspection went well? No further notice on my door so I guess I’m good. *shrug*

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