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Everyday Adventures

Whoops! Got a little caught up in everything last week and sorta forgot to post. Or, at least, I’d remember only after I’d shut out the lights and was almost asleep and there was no way I was getting back up to blog. One of these days when they get those cybernetic implants perfected, one of these days…

Anyway, too much going on. I got ahead on the comic only to get “behind” again, finished up the January articles but didn’t get ahead on February. Finally finished the packet materials for Vegas only to have to leave the actual assembly until arrival because to do otherwise would have taken probably 5 boxes for it all. Silly negative space!

Had my nails done tonight in prep for Vegas. Horrid experience. It was the college guy not the usual girl and he was just way too in a hurry. I have three fingers that are bleeding a couple more that are way more sore than they should be. It was just sloppy. Then the language barrier prevented me from getting what I really wanted as far as art went and the explosions of rhinestones on my index nails was just too much. I had to dissolve/pry them off when I got home because I couldn’t even leave them on one evening–it was just too blingy for my taste. So tomorrow I will go someplace else after work for a polish change. Screw the art, it was probably not the best idea anyway.

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