So I was–OH! Shiny…

Everyday Adventures

Seriously, folks, totally ADD tonight. The day started with a trip to the vampire’s; maybe he withdrew my attention span in the process?

Mom was completely unsurprised about me running into KB last night. I walk up to her and say ‘You’ll never guess who I saw at the coffee house last night?’ and she guessed. It’s not supposed to work like that! Then she tried to come up with other people I could run into this week out of nowhere, including the first husband and an even older high school boyfriend. If I do, I may just have to go hide somewhere.

Speaking of going somewhere, Palmie and I have picked our destination for the bribery trip in December. See, Palmie has promised she’ll complete NaNo this year and I told her if she did we’d go on a mini-break to St Augustine and the Jacksonville Zoo! Well, today she emailed me a link to the very kitschy motel in St Aug. and I’ll be making the res tomorrow. It’ll be Zoo, hotel/dinner followed by sunrise on the beach then Old Town and outlet shopping. A fitting reward for being tied to ones computer all previous month, no?

Tonight I tried to do research; that lasted about an hour or so. Then I tried to read. No go. Then I played solitaire (this time with a full deck), couldn’t even concentrate there. I’m just restless and scattered tonight. So many things to do. So many things I /want/ to do. None of them happening. Which means this weekend will be workiful, but that’s okay.

Nothing else planned and the PiC is out of town.

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