Everyday Adventures

I woke up just as my alarm was going off today. And by ‘off’ I mean after it had blared a radio station at my head for 2 hours not 1 foot away it cut off just as my eyes opened. As is, I was 10 minutes late for leaving the house and hadn’t even managed to get my feet on the floor. Oops.

Still, only managed to make it to the office 12 minutes late and then the day proceeded to absolutely crawl by. It was totally ridiculous. Got stuff done, it just didn’t seem to be moving fast enough.

I contemplated going to bed very early tonight but apparently thought better of that. Read some fan fiction, dealt with emails, and listened to a (brief, just under two hours) audiobook that included a guided meditation. Now, generally, I am not the type who can sitll her mind at a moments notice so meditation needs to be quick and to the point before my mind flits off somewhere else or something distracts me. This one took 30 minutes and I’m still rather impressed with it. It was an exceptional emotional release, however, and now I’m definitely going to bed.

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