Mystery solved!

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Not that it was still an open case, but sometimes (when new evidence arrives) they have to be reopened.

I now know why I ran into Ried this weekend and had that moment of turmoil with my self-marginalizing answer of what I was doing. It was so I’d be prepared (with a better answer) when I ran into my high school boyfriend today at All Saints.


In the interest of full disclosure, this was not merely a high school boyfriend–for there were many who wore that mantle. This was my high school fiance. Yes, Spring Break of our Senior Year he proposed and I, foolish girl that I was, accepted. Of course, then there was that whole issue where he broke it off on senior’s last day because my dating him gave him credibility with other girls and he wanted to ‘explore’ a bit. But, in true starry-eyed foolishness we ended up back together a few months later and back engaged. [Young and stupid, folks, young. and. stupid.] Of course, when /that/ time didn’t fly either I learned my lesson and the subsequent times he asked I answered no, no, a thousand times no. (See, I learned slower back then, but I did learn…)

Not that there’s any lasting bitterness (no, really, not being sarcastic here). You know, these things happen and we learn from our experiences. I’m still surprised he was the one to initiate the conversation (I was totally oblivious as I fiddled with my umbrella, trying to make sure I didn’t bask anyone with it or fling rain everywhere in the process of bundling it up before heading inside) as there was that whole Charater Reference thing while he was in the Navy… (sometime ask me about the dual lessons of ‘never put those things in writing’ and ‘hell hath no fury’) But it was cool, he recognized me, said hello, and came and chatted with me while I waited for my latte.

He has a wife, two sons, and two jobs. I’ve had two husbands, no kids, and the same job (give or take those months as the pastry chef) for 13 years. It’s not a competition or anything, but I definitely don’t have any regrets. And this time, when asked if I was still doing the cake thing (back then I was heavy into cake decorating and politics, my how things change) I was ready with a much better answer that got not only impressed raised eyebrows from him but a question from the barrista when I mentioned the graphic novel.

I’d say it’s a Wins-day, even if I did only get half an article written tonight.

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