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It took nearly all Summer but I finally got to see the series finale of Gilmore Girls. Seriously. When it first aired (back on May 15th!) I was all set to watch it and be all teary-eyed because it’s such a sweet show that’s had an incredible run, but then someone stopped by to pick up something and WOULD NOT LEAVE. I didn’t ask them to sit down, I didn’t offer them a drink, I stayed standing myself trying to be subtle about the ‘okay, you got your stuff, I’d really like to get back to what I was doing. Now.’ vibe but it didn’t work. Missed the while thing. But tonight I remedied that situation. And it was sweet and teary-eye-inducing.

Also caught up on that whole fitness goal: I went walking after work. Even though it’d been a week (or two?) I didn’t slack, I did the 2 1/3 laps, 40 minutes, and wasn’t dead when I finished, but I was ready to get home. Next time I need to remember that even though we’re definitely at the edge of Fall (it was quite pleasant in the park and the leaves are turning and falling, some even fell on me as I passed), it’s also a bit rainy now and bug spray is going to be a good idea.

Finally, I’m catching up on the VMAs. I totally forgot they were on Sunday night so I’m catching the first half tonight on replay but I’m not staying up til midnight to see it all. I’ll catch the rest another night. I can definitely agree that Britney was not all-in for her performace (I don’t care if they pulled your original idea 3 days before the show: you could at least have some emotion and, I don’t know, actually sing). It really seemed like she was sleep-walking through it and I honestly think the battery pack and mic were for show. Chris Brown’s performance was awesome, though, and though I think he might have been lip-syncing as well, I can understand that since he’s jumping from table to table and really dancing it out. Rhianna was definitely singing and she gives a great live performance though I wish she’d done more and not just been a small part of Brown’s.

Fergie is female artist of the year? Really? Eh. She can’t even spell Tasty. (Seriously. On Fergalicious they spell out tasty as t-a-s-t-e-y. Dude. Could no one tell them they sounded incredibly stupid? And not /just/ for tastEy) I think that’s enough ridiculousness for tonight…

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