Rings on their fingers and sandals on their feet.

Everyday Adventures

Yay for it being spring and time for strappy sandals. Mom decided she wanted to go out to dinner after work and since I was over near some of my favorite shopping haunts I went on the hunt for suitable replacements for my black and brown strappy sandals. I was honestly hoping to find some more espadrilles but none of the ones in stock were exactly what I wanted or, well, for that matter even close. Instead I found some wide-strap silver mules in black and some very strappy brown and cork wedges (semi-sensible compared to my usual stilts!). Count me happy 🙂

Mom picked up a gold ring at the wire-worker’s booth this weekend. Of course, now that she’s actually taken to wearing heavier gold rings it looks very small and meek on her index finger. At dinner I tried to convince her to wear it instead on her thumb but she couldn’t quite cotton to the idea. It really looked very good there, I might make her into a girl, yet!

It’s funny though: turns out what she was really looking for was an index finger ring. The thing about index finger rings is that they usually need to be long and skinny, very pointer-esque so as to have the maximum effect both in gesturing and in elongating the finger. Why I find this funny is because it was that self-same mission that found me my teardrop lapis ring. Now, it’s fairly pointy and long enough to just make a statement, but it was the wrong size. Oh, sure, I could have it resized, but instead it fits just right on my ring finger. I still want an index finger ring, but I can wait until the right one comes along.

Is it always so startling to have a ‘like mother, like daughter’ moment?

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