A slight change

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I think I’m going to go to evening posts. Yes, I thought it was worth announcing. For my, what, five readers? lol

Of course I’m already behind the eight-ball tonight so the plan of doing evening posts to save me time in the mornings is sort of moot now as I’ll be getting to bed later than planned, but oh well. Every plan has flaws.

And speaking of flaws… Nah, that’s just too easy.

So, this weekend? Mildly productive. Note to self: bring brain to brainstorming session. Apparently Saturday I was only on about half-power, sorry S, but it wasn’t anything close to a total loss. We actually got a lot accomplished in two hours of talking. Maybe I’m not such a horrid group-project person as I thought. Or maybe it’s a sign of maturity that I can more easily accept the input and suggestions of others. Yay for maturity (says the girl wearing bunny ears).

Today wasn’t exactly anything to write home about, but at least apartment doesn’t look any worse and I can point to marginal improvement on a couple of projects. I need to be farther along on everything, but timelines are made to be shifted, no?

Finally: yay it’s April! It’s my birthday month. In 29 days I’ll have completed another year on this earth, another trip around the sun, another… dinner at Rice Bowl! lol (I ran out of ‘anothers’ that weren’t considerably maudlin, and I want to go to bed happy not bummed out.) I’m not throwing a party this year but I am having a whoever-wants-to-come dinner at Rice Bowl on the 30th. Time is still TBA, but it will be dinner-time-ish. You want to come? Just drop me a line so I know how big a table to reserve. Also happening this month is a road trip to see berylq with palmetto (much geekiness to ensue), a Torchwood marathon also with palmetto, Oldenfeld’s Anniversary event, and Easter (in one week; I like Reese’s eggs, Dove Truffle Eggs, Starburt Jelly Beans and Dove solid bunnies, just in case anyone needs ideas!).


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