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Okay, if I were one of the cool kids with the camera phones I could probably have posted pictures of this instead of just the words. In fact, if I were more dedicated I suppose I could have gone back out with either of my digital cameras to get the shots but, well, I guess I’m not.

Anyway! I’m not sure how far the franchises spread but we have Jimmy John’s sandwhiches here and everything seems to have these little directive messages on them (the napkins say ‘Wipe!’ and the cups say ‘Drink!’ and there are little funny signs inside and so forth). With this in mind I probably shouldn’t have been surprised at all at the signs this past weekend. (And, for the record, these were the big outdoor signs, not the inside ones. Though a Beack Club sounds good right now, no, I haven’t eaten from there in at least a month or two.)

Side one, heading east on W Tennessee St, Saturday morning:

“What happens in your mouth, stays in your mouth.”

So kids, let that be a lesson to you: keep your food in your mouth, no one likes see-food. Yeah, that’s what they’re going for across the street from campus!

Side two, heading west on W Tennessee St, Saturday afternoon:

“We go the extra 2 inches.”

I guess this has to do with their subs. You can get any sandwhich either on a sub-roll (which I guess is 8″ compared to Subway’s 6″?) or their multi-grain wheat sliced bread. I think I got a sub-roll once but the wheat bread is so much better! Plus, with the wheat it makes the sandwhich so much wider. After all: length isn’t always as important as girth!


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