Radio Silence abated

Everyday Adventures

Not that I was all that chatty before my minibreak nor will I be tonight… but I didn’t fall off the edge of the world, just got sidetracked with the minutiae of life (different from the ephemera of life) and the results thereof.

Let’s see. Palmie got moved this weekend (mucho thanks to the Bard for answering the distress call and lending us a hand Saturday morning). I’m almost finished with the BYOP invitations (hit a few snags, mostly with wording), did a bit of writing on Sunday (at *$, felt like I was cheating on All Saints, lol) which I get to pare down to about half tomorrow. Comic is perking along. Skipped Knit Night tonight because of the crankies and other things. Bought some books. That’s pretty much it for the last several days.

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