Everyday Adventures

Not as much as I would have liked at work, but in general it was a productive day.

On the BYOP front, I ordered the necessary items for one of the decoration displays as well as the prizes and some additional entertainment items. Plus I’ve finally completed the invitations and have them in their envelopes all ready to go out tomorrow! Whew! I swear that is probably the single-most time-consuming part of the process.

As for eHow, I edited the last two articles I drafted. Thanks to the new contracts I now know exactly how long is too long. The first article I wrote last week only needed 12 words shaved off (though I did edit it down a bit more). That was the easy part. The second article I wrote was almost DOUBLE the limit. Whoops! I pared and pared and still had an article and half when it hit me: I really did have two articles!

So I cut the xtra bits from that article and pasted them into a new document to expand for, essentially, a follow-up article on the same theme. The draft of which I actually got fleshed out abour 2/3 before packing it in. The weather was really starting to get nasty, it was already after 7pm, and it looked like someone was about to throw a party on the back porch so I made myself scarce.

And now we’re scarely two days from the weekend. Score!

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