Painless service experience

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SO very different from last year when each trip to the service bay was fraught with stress, anxiety, frustration and much, much anger. But the little light is now off and Electra’s had her 6K-mile check-up and is just find. I’ve had her almost a year and only have 6530 miles on her. Not bad for including a trip to Atlanta and back, a trip to Mobile and back, and one or two trips to Central FL and back.

I also got to play with the shiny new toy at work today. That copier, etc. can do quite a few things, but it’s a bit temperamental at the same time. But the touch-screen is nice. Bink bink bink.

Tonight I mostly worked on some planning for NaNo while watching CSI and ER season openers. Tomorrow night is Ghost Whisperer, Moonlight, and NUMB3RS for fun! fun! fun! Meanwhile I’ll work on next week’s comics and plan for the next eHow article. It’s multitasking at it’s finest and most rewarding. I swear!

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