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It’s makin’ me wait, it’s keepin’ me wai-ai-ai-tin’

Yeah, wordcount? What’s that? Argh!

On the one hand, the time I haven’t been spending on the novel hasn’t exactly been wasted. There were other things that had to be dealt with and tonight I have a meeting smack in the middle of the evening, so writing is not going to be on the forefront. The Yule website is taking a smidge more precidence right now and I’m going to try and squeeze the site in between work and said meeting so that it will actually be there tonight. I just need to figure out the positioning elements for the schedule bit, the rest is simple formatting. Once more I’ll say: I love stylesheets!!! (and borders, I added a border to div.maintext this morning and o.m.g. it looks so much better; still haven’t gotten the hang of the relative positioning thing for the title, but that can be worked on later… it’s there, it’s in almost the right spot, it’ll be fine, I hope)

Tomorrow night is the author event at the place that is hosting our next write-in, so a big chunk of Friday night is not going to be spent upping the word-count, either. Of course, Saturday’s write-in is 8. hours. long. and I’ll be there from beginning to end, so even if I average 1K/hour, it’ll still put me over 40K by the 18th (minimum need would be 30,006 using the 1667/day so I’m still quite safe). This is another reason why I’m not panicing about my word count. Which is good. It’s still hard for me to believe that the last two years I was struggling at the *end* of the month to pass 30K, so there’s a smidge of surrealness added in.

And because I need more projects? Yeah, the brain is just churning with ideas. I want to spend a bunch of time playing with websites now that I have a grasp of .css files. I have some pieces of jewelry that I want to do. There are, of course, the various knitting projects (my scarf yarn and needles should be in soon I think) that have to be done before Christmas, and the wood bits for the Yule tokens need to be figured out and assembled (there is a dremel in my future…) plus things for the event in general. Plus the books I want to read.

Palmie and I have tentatively planned a Clea DuVall movie marathon for Sunday and I think I will either be knitting during or recovering my couch. It really needs to be done, and since it’s in the same room as the tv, it seems like a no-brainer. If I get tired or hit a snag or run out of fabric I can switch to the knitting; yup, I believe that’s a plan.

And yesterday morning? The car talked to me.

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