Crowing… just a little.

Everyday Adventures

Whew! No novel update, the crowing is about the yule webpages. They are coded (by me, no wysiwyg here!) and uploaded and working and whew!

I am truly loving loving in love with stylesheets and the fact that I can just link it and go.

Granted, my pages still mix a bit of style in with the data, I’m not anywhere near expert, but for the most part the code is streamlined and only two of the six pages use tables, and at least one of them is a legitimate use due to tabular data (I’m sure there is a better way to do the staff listings, but I just needed them done already.

You know what’s next, right? Oh, yeah, you do… I’m gonna start playing with the blog a bit. I’m pretty sure the styles are in css and, if nothing else, I can tweak the text with kerning (I love this font but each time a c and an l mush together it makes the reader–including myself–wonder what I was sniffing when I typed that) and maybe add another accent color, make an actual title graphic that works in the space, and do some other tinkering. Baby steps, and it won’t be immediate because I still have noveling, and tokens, and knitting to do, but maybe some changes will be see after Thanksgiving.


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