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One thing about NaNo updates: I don’t have to come up with a clever title everyday 😉

I am a smidge behind where I thought I’d be, though I’m not incredibly worried. The write-in at the Book Den was incredibly fun though, if given the option again, I will not be scheduling another 8-hour write-in again. Six would have been more than adequate, and it was about that time that silliness began to surface. Though the silliness was quite interesting in and of itself.

Yesterday I finally started the onerous task of recovering the sofa while Palmie (and, later, Izzie) came over and watched movies. It’s a strange middle ground between reupholstering and slipcovering as, in order to keep the functionality of the recliners, the cover has to be fitted and split in the back. Last night I managed to get the back sections and the fitted covers of the seat-backs cut, pinned, and sewn. Because there was only so much of the fabric I chose available (garment-weight corduroy in taupe and red; not actual upholstery fabrics) I’m using some stash canvas for the backing and the places where the fabric isn’t going to show. This includes the inside edges of the back, the parts that slip past each other when one of the recliners are used. Logically it also makes sense to have a smooth fabric (no nap to wear down), but I may have cut the panels a smidge narrow as the lighter canvas does show. I toyed with undoing it, but then I’d be stuck with two panels that might lead to more piecing later on, so I decided to leave as is.

Though I might change my mind, I’m not sure. The real issues is that the fit of the cover is correct, and were I using the main fabric throughout it wouldn’t even matter, it’d be perfect, but because I’m subbing… Maybe once I’ve gotten the large bits out of the way I can do strips, facing like, and stitch then on to take care of the visual gaps. I think that might actually be the best way as it’s only maybe two inches on the center aisle that shows and maybe that much on each edge. I could even do it with the contrasting color or the patterned fabric, again depending on what’s left over. Yup, I think that sounds like a plan!

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  1. For some reason, the email reply I just tried to send to you didn’t go through — I got a failure notification. So here’s my reply to your email about my missing notebook:

    Haven’t found it yet, but I’m still looking. It’s small and must have fallen out at some point. The world won’t end if I don’t find it, but it’s cute and handy, so I’d like to get it back if I can. Thanks for getting back with me! The description once again is:

    * It’s about the size of a woman’s hand, maybe a bit smaller than that.
    * It’s faux leather red with gold decorations on the outside. Looks very medieval/renaissance-ish.
    * There’s a black elastic band attached to the back cover that can be looped over the front to hold the book closed in one’s purse.

    Have a great Thanksgiving!

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