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Eh. Not much writing last night. Lots of activity (cooking, reoding the lost program mock-up for the dance show, several tv programs in the background, attempting to write, trying to figure out how my reply email would only type in reverse–seriously, it was like the reply was DaVinci’s notebook, meant to be read in the mirror, I ended up typing my reply in a text program and then cutting and pasting it into the reply–bizarre!)

Anyway, since yesterday was obviously my ‘off’ night with mucho tv watching, I’m actually going to comment a bit on some of the television watched.

Gilmore Girls (Syndicated first season on abc Family): That Damned Donna Reed. Oh, this has got to be one of my most favoritest GG episodes. The dress, the apron, the shoes. But here’s the thing: Where did Rory come up with the outfit. We saw her borrow the CD from Lane, and the food either came from Babbette’s pantry or the market, but the outfit? At first I was thinking maybe it was from the Lorelai’s massive closet collection. I mean they come up with some pretty nifty outfits (the dance marathon get-ups? hello?) but since Lorelai has no clue about it, and there’s no way Babette’s clothes would fit Rory that well, I’m thinking that there must be an all-night costume shop in Star’s Hollow? No. Wait. I’ve got it. Miss Patty. I bet that’s where it came from. Yup. Mysetery solved.

Gilmore Girls (New Episode, current season, CW): Aw, I really wish Lorelai wouldn’t have tried to crawfish her way out of getting what she wanted. They could have called Rory, told her to take the red-eye to Paris (hey, Chris, what about a private jet with all that loaded-ness you recently remembered?) and then had her there for the elopement. Or just been giddy enough and gone with it and hoped for the best. Rory’s being a pill right now anyway, her world is no longer the planned, orderly thing she used to make it, so no matter what you did she would have pouted. Get over it. Marry your baby’s daddy and be happy about it!

House: So, yeah, House is a prick, but he’s not all bad. John Larauquette’s character, now he was a total prick until he played martyr to save the son he didn’t even seem to care about in the beginning. The cop? Big major prick as well. Not that House is a saint or doesn’t take a copious amount of pain-killers, but considering the most he does in an average week is limp around and be brilliant (the occasional injection and I think there was one epi last season where he played with someone’s brain?) what’s the harm? (yes, totally setting myself up for a machiavellian debate, but y’all: it’s television, it’s fiction, suspend the reality like the capable adults we are and just enjoy.. or don’t watch and don’t yell at me for it–I’d kill to have House as my doctor right now!)

3 lbs: Speaking of brains! We can sum up the episode in one sentence: And the Tucci’s heart grew three sizes that day! But, despite the massive cheese factor I think I shall very much love this show. At least for now. Stanley Tucci is, well, he’s awesome, a very hot bald man, and I think the actress playing the female neurosurgeon that keeps office hours barefoot and eats takeout with her fingers rather than foraging for a fork is absolutely adorable. Also, Cutey McNot-Tucci may not be the guy Palmie was thinking of, but I looked him up and Mark Feuerstein is the guy that was on Caroline in the City (loved that show) and in What Women Want with Mel and Helen, so that’s where I’ve seen him before. The only thing I’m not sure I like is the possibility of this show having yet another main character doctor who needs medical care himself (it’s a little too House-meets-CSI in my mind right now).

Some other random observances:

For a company who sells products to make women beautiful, is it really smart for Sephora’s current advertising scheme to be Big Top reminescent? I mean, Barnum and Bailey are known for many things, but Sephora =\= Clown Face in my mind. Try again.

I predict Jaeda to be the next to leave on ANTM… if the preview was correct she has more issues than the New York Times once again, and either Caridee or Melrose is going to win the acting challenge this week… But that didn’t take many brains to predict, now did it?

Rock*Paper*Scissors is definitely getting a revamp, probably right after the first of the year, including a new name. Seriously. I’m putting it here so I’m held to it.

Thumb drives rock.

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