Oops… I did it again…

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Overslept. Only this time, I actually woke up on time, but didn’t /get/ up (very important distinction) and told myself that ‘5 more minutes’ lie which then took two hours. Whoops! So at 5 minutes to eight I was just getting up and calling the office to say I’d be late. Sigh… In truth I haven’t done that in quite a while and it’s not like I got in trouble or anything, but still. Hour late for work, what a way to start the day, huh?

And it was really one of those days for the first 3/4. I got a lot done, honestly, but I felt horrible, was cranky, and was super stressed. I think it might have been fall-out from last night. See, as I was writing last night’s entry who called me but RockStar, back from the dead (or nearly so, he really had gone through some serious medical stuff and work stuff and stuff stuff according his myspace and, really, it’s not like I was waiting around to hear from him). He wanted to chat… about himself… but things really seem to be solidifying for him so I’m happy. I don’t know if I mentioned it before but he tends to be surrounded by chaos and I have a suspicion that he’s more interested in me because I am way more stable than he will ever be.

And I told him as much. And that I would be happy to talk to him about things but, honestly, I couldn’t do the whole emotional scaffolding job that I usually do for people. Not this time. And he’s cool with it. Still says at some point he’s going to take me to dinner. We shall see.

But after this impromptu life-coaching session I decided to try and destress (even though it was already 11) by hitting the SG chatroom but that didn’t exactly work because there was a smidge of drama waiting inside. It’s okay, this has been going on a while and has nothing to do with SG but it didn’t quite hit the note of levity I was looking for. So at midnight I finally went to bed after reading for a bit. So it’s no wonder the whole getting up on time thing didn’t happen.

But today I managed to get several things off the work to-do list as well as (finally!) confirm a good place for the NaNo Kick-Off but getting there took the form of a mini internal tantrum (well, palmetto got a summary so it wasn’t completely internal but she also gave me the awesome idea that solved the Kick-Off riddle, so it’s okay) and then I was more tired than tantrumy but still, it was an improvement. Knowing how much I need to get ahead of the artcile count before the end of the month I went and checked out a new coffee shop after work and drafted my next article. Tomorrow I’ll go to All Saints and write another.

Also, once home, I finished watching “Knocked Up” (Oh em gee that’s some funny shit and I need to own that movie) and sketched out Thursdays RA… strip and I’ll start inking it when I finish this entry. I also got an email from a friend that put the dorkiest, stupidest, happiest grin on my face after returning “Knocked Up” to Blockbuster. I’m a dork, but I’m a happy dork. Off to ink!

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