Apologies in advance, just in case the world ends.

Everyday Adventures

I may have mentioned in the past the very real issue that my office/studio/craft room (aka the Abyss) is my nod to the universe’s need for entropy. Dude, today? The universe lost.

It’s not pristine mind you, there’s still a lot of organizing and debulking to do and under the computer desk is very messy but, the floor is clear, the desktops are visible (holy freaking cow, y’all!) and I’ve moved the workstation next to the computer desk so I can swivel between the drawing table and the computer (both computers, actually, since the desktop is clear enough to hold the laptop now!). It’s just a smidge surreal here right now and if I my proclamation that the world would likely end if I managed to clean the office comes true? I’m really sorry.

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