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Y’all, I so rock. I convinced myself that today (after not walking that trail for more weeks than I’m actually certain of) would be a great day to walk. I even decided to give the 60-minute playlist a go and see how much I got through. The weather was great for it and the smell of the forest reminded me in turns of brie rind (what? I’m a foodie) and the practice field for marching band.

After 2 laps I was starting around for my final 1/3 and I realized I was feeling pretty good, so I thought I’d go to the 2/3 point instead. And then I walked on by. As I reached my starting point I glanced at the playlist to see how far down I was. There were at least 5 more songs to go for the hour and I was still feeling pretty good, so I decided to go ahead and do 3 1/3 laps.

But after the first incline I wasn’t dead, or after the second, so I did another. full. lap. I did 4 full laps of that “varied terrain” in around 53 minutes (keep in mind, please, that previously the 2 1/3 laps lasted me about 40 minutes). I have no idea how long that trail actually is, but y’all… seriously…

Since I haven’t posted them before, here is my 60 minute playlist:
Move Along–All American Rejects
Alcohol–Barenaked Ladies
Crazy Bitch–Buckcherry
The Camper Velourium, No.1-Faint of Hearts–Coheed and Cambria
Like a Drug–Corporate Whore
Stacked Actors–Foo Fighters
Truth Be Told–Harlequin Jones
Wild Montana Skies (Live)–John Denver
dire–JP Corwyn
Fight for all the Wrong Reasons–Nickelback
Weave–Rusted Root
Down in Mississippi (Up to No Good)–Sugarland
Honktonk Badonkadonk–Trace Adkins

Move Along is incredibly motivational and just a damn happy song so it’s a safe starter. Crazy Bitch tends to start just as I’m getting to that third incline. The tendency to headbang to Stacked Actors was strong but not recommended since I was heading slightly downhill at that point, I had to settle for swinging my ponytail in rhythm and occasional Tae-Bo-like jabs. By the time Weave began I was in the final lengths of lap 4 and I couldn’t help but strut a little bit. By the bridge of Settlin’ I was back at the car.

I so rock. And I am so going to pay for this tomorrow. But I don’t care. I rock!

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