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Posting last night totally slipped my mind in the chaos of everything I was trying to get done. That’s why I’m blogging early tonight before I have a chance to get sidetracked.

Had to go to the hospital today for an appointment with an office notorious for running behind. Today was no exception as they had two ‘issues’ come up so I was glad I brought a magazine to read. Now this was a new dr’s office for me (I know! Like I needed another specialist. This is a much more mundane sort of specialist but still…) and not exactly a pleasant how-do to meet a new dr, so I was expecting perhaps a smidge of the old white-coat hypertension. Dude. My bp was 106/68. That’s pretty doggone relaxed, especially for me! Apparently the CS isn’t completely out of the picture as that is the /only/ conceivable reason for it to be that low. Oh, well, as long as I don’t start feeling light-headed or spacey (more so that usual) I suppose there’s nothing really to worry about. Again, it’s a good problem to have I suppose.

Anyway, after finally getting back to work for all of an hour and a half (in which very little was accomplished) it was time to head off to a work function in Midway. Someone please tell them about air conditioning and closed doors! Whew! It was rather humid but the barbecue was good. The guitarist that was doing a lot of easy listening covers wasn’t bad, I skipped the beer and wine since it was a small drive home and the sample freebies were okay.

Of course, this was the double booking: Usually I would have gone to write tonight but, well, that didn’t happen. So I’m going to work on the third article tonight and tomorrow and spend the rest of the week getting the visuals done so I can file them this weekend. Deadlines are creeping up on me and I’m a smidge behind. But I’ll make it up this weekend.

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