One down!

Everyday Adventures

Item one, that is, from yesterday’s list. Well, not completely, but I managed to finish one of the major headache projects last night and can hand it over tonight. It’s not that I didn’t enjoy the project, nor is it that I am unhappy with the final result (at least as final as I’ll be involved in) it just, like many things, got out of hand. Having this finished lifts a tremendous weight off of my shoulders, now I just have to explain to my contact that I will not be helping her out anymore. Not exactly looking forward to that.

One to go!

There’s one more project in process but I managed to get a lot of the bones of it done earlier this week. Providing the powers that be on that one don’t want significant format changes, all that should be left is the filling-in, the polishing, and the spell-checking. It will never be “done” but it will be completed with periodic updates needed. Those periodic updates will be cake once this basics are done.

Last night, after finishing project 1 (I know, I’m being vague on purpose y’all) I sat down to a bit of mindless television which turned out to be first a rerun and then the next was preempted for the premiere of a new show. A show I do not like already. So I doodled. I doodled my way into drawing the first of a series of items. I feel so jazzed about this. Still being vague but only because it still needs work and companions before I spill the beans. This was awesome. It was just the idea that I had these massive things hanging over me that was keeping me from starting (or, in some cases, continuing) my own projects. The creative block is GONE (or, at least, significantly eroding). This is incredibly liberating.

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