Even when you do the right thing…

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For the right reasons, you might still feel like the bad-guy [girl], at least for a little while.

Oh well.

So it’s Monday! Wohoo! Um, yeah… But there are plans to make and numbers to crunch and a decision to wheedle out of Mom on her birthday stuff. We seem to be in an impasse: Cruise that will be mega-fun but only 4 of us can afford to go on or beach house for a week that 8 of us can use at various times but can Mom keep herself entertained for a week on St George Island??? But it’s not my decision (which is frustrating because originally it was going to be all my decision, me and Mom on a cruise ship, her getting her life-long wish, etc etc etc.) Phhfffft!

I feel like I need a new diversion, a jump-start if you will, but I don’t see myself as having time or energy for one right now. Such is the paradox, no? On the other hand, I will have plenty of time all to myself to work on my projects. Yup. Plenty of time. This is a good thing. Maybe tonight–after staring at iWeb for a couple of hours–I might tackle some more of the Abyss. Yes, that can be it. Spring cleaning and all that jazz. Maybe even find the patch-kit for Priscilla (the inflatible dress dummy named by Izzie, fabulous name btw, but it makes me want to add feathers…). Not that I would keep her inflated if I did patch her. Please… I’m so spooked by my own shadows some nights that I have to check all closets and cabinets for lurking beings, even to the point of looking behind the TRANSLUCENT shower curtain. Because I’m a dork and slightly OCD such that if I make the mistake of checking one place before bed I have to check them all or the paranoia gets to me. So can you see me not freaking out if I had the shape of a body somewhere in my apartment? Yeah, me neither.

One thought on “Even when you do the right thing…

  1. Um, so is that why you need to patch Priscilla? You got startled and went after her with something pointy? ::grin:: (My sympathies, though. I have to psych myself up to get out of bed after nightmares.)

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