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So I go out looking for the rest of my supplies for the mod today. I got a late start since I didn’t get up ’til eleven (but since I went to bed at three it was a normal nights sleep, so to speak) but found the right paints at Home Depot. It’s a different brand, but it’s still made for plastic so I think it’ll work. Paint acquired I go in search for the more specific odds and ends which I figured I’d find at the local Scrapbook store.

Now, I’ve frequented this store for the last, oh, seven years or so. The owner knows me by sight, even today when I haven’t been in there in quite some time. She thought I must have moved away since I had been so scarce but I told her, the truth, that I just hadn’t been scrapping lately. In fact, I went mostly digital. Then I commented that I had thought to come out to one of their crops with my laptop and harddrive and hang out. To which she basically said “don’t bother.” Now, I understand that digital scrapbooking doesn’t help her business all that much, but I have been known to spend several hundred dollars a quarter there in the past, I still buy my albums and pages there (some of the more pricier components to a scrapbook, price per item compared), direct people who come into work looking for special papers (we’re a print shop, not an overstock paper store) there, tell my friends to go there because I support local businesses, and go there when I need specialty items that I know they carry, even if one of the big box stores carries it too. Now I get a kiss-off because I’m no longer part of her target audience? Well, excuse me…

In fact, the whole experience kinda put me off in general. I had been planning on then going across to the Miracle to see a movie at 2:05 but by the time I was finished at SBM and then went into JoAnn’s (consolation yarn shopping since they didn’t have the rub-ons I wanted) it was 10 minutes to the film and I was no longer in a commaraderie-mood to share a theatre who however many other people were going to see Becoming Jane.

I’m not mad. If I’d been mad I would have told Karen to take the $3.50 pack of crystal stickers I was buying and shove them up her ass. I didn’t. But I don’t think I feel the same loyalty I did as early as this morning. I was just surprised. And I don’t like to be surprised, not like that, the unpleasant type. Anyway, I came home, ate lunch, and retaped the mouse. I decided to go with just making dams for the openings on the mouse-top and going ahead as planned. Of course, as soon as I applied the first coat out on the patio the thunder started to bump. Oh well, it may take a bit longer to dry between coats, but I’ll get it done.

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