Coming Unglued

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That’s exactly what that blasted keyboard is not doing.

After popping off and reassembling the key-tops onto painters tape to keep everyone together and in order and paintable, I started to attempt to pry the case apart. First of all, this plastic bruises and scrapes like a freaking peach! What the hell is up with that? Second of all, they glued the thing together. Oh, yes, I went to attach the skinny little front piece and see what was holding it together. What? Oh, yes, some sort of double-sided sticky foam stuff and I just said to hell with it. I mean, even if I got it apart how was I supposed to get it back together?

But I’m not stopping. No. I just taped off the sections underneath the keys, taped off the 5 little mushy buttons of the number pad , and taped over any other bit that couldn’t be painted. It’s ready to pain tomorrow. Maybe.

The mouse I just didn’t even try. Okay, I did, but it was pretty clear that it wasn’t meant to come apart. I’m not completely certain how many steps it’s going to take me to get it painted because of needing to accommodate the open channels that allow the right and left to click independently, but even if I have to paint it with model paint I’ll make it work somehow. I still need to find the red Krylon Fusion. I found white no problem, and it’s going to be the base-color anyway, so I can start in tomorrow. But I need to find the red so I can get it all painted within the 24 hours the can recommends.

I’m still thinking over the tape-job on the top of the mouse. Maybe the solution will come to me in my sleep. These things usually do. Or in the shower tomorrow morning.

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