Everyday Adventures

The call came just after I sprayed the second coat of white. Palmie’s car had stalled and she was stranded in the Prince ‘Rat parking lot. Off I go to the rescue, while it’s totally pugs and pomeranians outside, and consequently do not hear the three attempts Palmie made to tell me it started again. So we ended up hitting Moe’s for an early supper and gossip-fest since we hadn’t talked in, oh, a day.

Since she had no other plans and I felt like having company, we made an impromptu movie night of it. First watching Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood, followed by several episodes of Firefly, and ending with the last few epis of the Girls Next Door, Season 1. Meanwhile I kept spraying and taping and such and by the time she left I had both the red and the white jobs done, saving the black for today. I also started the Grecian Plait sweater between the coats.

Now the black is down, the letters, numbers and symbols have all been done for the keys, the ‘ears’ are painted and the red linen has been dotted and is drying so I can ‘Stiffy’ and sculpt it into the monitor’s bow. Not a bad job for a weekend. I have some touch-ups to do with a brush on some edges, then I’ll let the paint cure for 48 before hitting it with a couple coats of sealer. And my first mod will be done.

Now I really need to get on the ball and draw next week’s RA strips. What? me? easily distracted? The hell you say…

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