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For some reason, Spectrum and I decided this weekend would be a good one for scary, spooky, etc. movies. Granted, neither of us are into blood and gore, so we ended up renting Skeleton Key (which Spectrum hadn’t seen, and what started this little odyssey), 1408 (“and the word is… innnnnteresting”), and House on Haunted Hill (the recent remake, which we both remembered liking and being a bit spooked by).

Um, yeah.

I don’t know if I’m just jaded and whatnot or if it was because we didn’t watch them all at night with the lights off or what, but none of them were at all scary and even though Skeleton Key was the most enjoyable one (filed in Drama which was odd but I guess it really is more suspenseful than scary) the other two were incredibly… well, not all that.

But it was a good weekend regardless of the questionable viewing choices and I got a lot done, including all of this week’s comics. Now if I could just get at least 2 articles done and next week’s comics started I won’t have to worry about dropping the ball due to el-surgerio in just a couple days. Pre-Op appointment is tomorrow, more will be revealed, I’m sure.

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