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At least for the first half of the month. With the first 3 articles turned in this evening I’m starting on next week’s comics. As soon as those are finished I expect to be able to get at least the next 2 articles finished before going in for surgery on Thursday. I might even be able to get more done, depending on how productive I can be this weekend.

Went to the grocery store and stocked up after work. Combination of the usual 2 weeks worth of food and extra supplies for post-procedure: fruit smoothies, pudding, soups, jello, etc. All light stuff to give my digestive system a chance to adjust with the minimum (I hope) of tummy upset. Tried one of the fruit-protein smoothies. Oh, god, I hope it was just a matter of it not being cold enough or something because, y’all, it tasted like vomit. Seriously. I’ll give it another shot and maybe try mixing it with sprite or something but if that doesn’t work I’m tossing that particular one. Nasty!!!

But, you know, at least I can supposedly eat normally. Last time I had to recuperate it was my throat surgery, so really no solid anything for quite some time. Still high on anesthesia I was sick at just the thought of popsicles and pudding for a week, I asked V to get me some baby food, figuring at least it wouldn’t be sweet. And for the first day it tasted great. The next day, the super-drugs having worn off, I realized the oh-so-error of my ways. Luckily, a client of ours had a small child and she could use the unopened stuff. The desserts and some veggies were still good, but if I never have to eat pureed turkey dinner, etc. again it will be too soon!

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