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External, that is. I can’t seem to find the little black case that houses my extra SD cards for the digital camera, leaving me with a single 512MB card that’s in there now. It’s more than a little frustrating. I’m fairly certain I haven’t actually lost it, merely misplaced it somewhere in my apartment. To be a bit more specific, I’m pretty sure that if it’s anywhere, it’s somewhere in the Abyss, somewhere buried deep.

Last night, before bed, I checked the usual spots along with several of the more unusual ones and came up empty but with extra dust to make a lovely sneezing symphony before bed. It’s not crucial and I’m sure I could just go out and by more cards, with more memory than what’s missing, for less than it originally cost me, but that’s not the point. I already have them. Somewhere.

Not going to worry too much about it, though, as I can always download the files to the laptop and start fresh as often as needed, don’t even need the transfer cable since Sonja has an SD card reader. Lovely, lovely thing, technology.

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