I feel like a Magwai and Smell like a Tampon…

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Allow me to explain.

Well, the first part is easy. Surgery is tomorrow so no food or water after midnight. Thankfully my surgery is scheduled for 11am which, providing it’s not pushed back for any reason, means I should probably be starting sedation around 10 and won’t even care that I’m hungry 🙂

The other part has to do with the surgery, as well. See, at the pre-op yesterday I was given this antibacterial soap that I have to shower with both tonight (already done) and tomorrow morning. And, y’all, I kid you not, it smells exactly like deodorant tampons. Ladies, you know what I’m talking about. (Gents, if you do, I’m sorry.) I’m convinced it’s adding insult to injury, but at least it’s just for now.

The nerves started getting to me as I left the office, today. And the last two nights, with progessively wobbly feelings, did not have me looking forward to tonight. But, you know, I think I’m going to be okay after all. I went over to Spectrum’s for a couple of hours for cuddles and kisses and reassurances that it would all be fine (he’s so sweet to me, and that actually made me a little more wobbly for a moment, but I got it back together) and then when I got home I made some lavendar-chamomile tea to help keep me mellow. That’ll be the last thing I eat or drink until whatever the serve at the hospital tomorrow evening.

I’ll try and post sometime on Friday, after I get home and get settled, but I should be able to tweet once I’m into my room tomorrow night (follow me on twitter, username scrapsolife) since I’ll have my cell-phone with me. Happy thoughts would be greatly appreciated, gang, and I’ll see you on the flip side (less one internal organ).

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