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Went and picked up Phoebe today at lunch time and all went well. Fedex’d the title to Tampa to get my money for said Phoebe downpayment. Showed off car to co-workers. Have to call about getting the tires replaced, at least the front two…way too worn and they said they replace them if they’re more than 50% worn. We shall see. Also need to check manual for transmission fluid maintenance guidelines.

Other than that had a wonderful Bellydance class tonight. Parts were hard, parts were merely confuzzling, other parts were pretty easy. I almost have the cane dance down–and now I actually have the cane 🙂 Next month we’ll do the scarf dance, so it’s cane and bits and pieces. Julianna was a bit down because one of the types of classes had to be cancelled–she hated to do it, but that’s the unfortunate side to when your hobby and passion becomes business. I hope she’s able to bring them back eventually, I wouldn’t have minded taking it as well, I just cannot manage a second class with the current schedule of everything else I want to do. Temperance, finally, lol.

Blast from the past today when I found out my old Latin teacher called Mom’s for me. Turns out she’s retiring in December (oh no, no more Bun!) and she wanted to know if I wanted the scrapbook I helped make while I was there. Wow. That scrapbook I recall was (is) huge with a big heavy cover and lots and lots of pages of pictures I would kill for. Now it looks like I won’t have to. I was just thinking about it, my first scrapbook per se, a couple of weeks ago, and wondering how it all has survived (since we used all sorts of construction paper and who knows what else). Now I guess I’ll see. This will be awesome!

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