Well that’s *one* way to clean out a car…

Everyday Adventures

But I wouldn’t recommend it on a regular basis.

So, a few more calls between the insurance companies, rental agents and an independent appraiser yeilded an assumption of liability and claim and then, after a few hours and a few more calls a number was given. A number that was blessedly higher than even my own insurance company’s estimate, so I didn’t even have to argue. I’d gone at lunch and gotten the necessary belongings (including the title!) from Cher and then after work and a quick trip home to feed and walk Abigail, it was straight over to Saturn of Tallahassee to settle the paperwork for my new(ish) car. After all that was done I finally made it to the Park for dance practice in time for the last two dances and then went to dinner with some of the group. Such a big day.

Wow that was a big check! But it really didn’t faze me too much, I mean part of it was because its just a place-holder until the insurance money gets here and part is because I routinely write large checks at work that I guess I’m desensitized to an extent. Oh well, all the paperwork is done so all I have to do tomorrow is return the rental car, settle up with them (then fax the insurance company the bill for reimbursement) and then pick up my wonderful little Saturn SL1. I’ve decided her name will be Phoebe after one of the moons of Saturn (see, I think about these things) and the Titanis oracle at Delphi and goddess of bright intellect. My goals for Phoebe are to keep her interior and exterior clean and tidy and keep her maintained better than I did Cher.

And, because how many people are tired of hearing about the car situation, it’s Abigail’s Second Birthday! Hmm…I’m going to have to get her a special treat this weekend, maybe a trip to the dog park, too.

Now I just have to figure out how to get the file upload thing on here working…then you can expect pictures!