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That’s what I’m striving for at least…or maybe that should read art-full. Full of art. Full of creativity. Full of creating.

Tonight has been spent in various creative pursuits. After the required homework for the week was finished and submitted, I gave myself license to do what I liked. This turned out to be putting myself through the many paces of Mijwiz for the better part of an hour, but I’ve figured out the musical cues for and a few counting errors I’d made in the cane dance. I still need to get with Julianna for some clarification of the footwork before the turns, but other than that I think I’m very close to “getting it” even with keeping the cane level and applying the correct amount of hip to the required moves (something I realized I was lacking).

Besides the physical I managed to get another kingdom-intended scroll sketched out for the illumination and started to lightly pencil in the calligraphy (for spacing issues) but I keep letting my uncial outgrow my intended space. I gave up on that for the night and instead moved onto person sketching. Oh my but I really wanted to get these ideas down in some form, and now I have 8 pages of sketches on 5 music-inspired pieces. For me that’s a lot.

Granted, these are mostly rough outlines of what the finished pieces will look like, just charting them out and making some notes for the mixed media portions or possible inclusions. Not fine art here yet, and they may never be, but I’ve discovered that certain pieces of music (notably folk songs, but others as well) evoke such strong mental images that I just want to put them into some tangible form. I’ve wanted to do this for almost a year maybe, but have just let them rattle around in my head, forming and reforming when I hear the songs, and not really doing anything with them. That’s changed now. Some pieces will be more difficult to execute exactly how I see them, and some pieces will undoubtably evolve over the course of their creation, but I have 5 in sketch form and at least 2 others that I have pretty clear mental images of. Hey, a few more and maybe I’ll actually have enough to get a show. Okay, so maybe that’s putting the cart before the horse, but I have to think about what to do with them once their done (I only have so much wall-space lol and art is meant to be seen and shared and, especially these–one will involve motors by the time its finished–experienced).

And in a semi-related topic, I really need to search through the knowledge base for wordpress and see what the issue is with the file-upload option…each time I try to save the activated “allow…” checkbox it doesn’t keep and might be giving me an error messge. Either that or I need to redownload that gallery program and actually install it here on the site 🙂

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