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So yeah, I was pretty much a zombie today at work, counting the minutes until the day was over, but I didn’t realize exactly how tired I was until I fell asleep with my laptop running (on my lap), the tv on, the light on, and with my glasses on. I woke up about 45 minutes from my last recollection when Abbie whined at the back door, and woke up grumpy. Feh.

I’ve never really been a nap-person. If I sleep, I sleep, and if I’m woken suddenly I’m not exactly Mary Sunshine either. Okay, if I’m woken at all, suddenly or not.

The grumps shook off after a bit, as they (almost) always do, and I got a few more things ticked off of my updated to-do list. I know have all three of my personal-quota Kingdom scrolls sketched–words and art–so I can start on calligraphy some time next week. Left on the list are general home tasks, a couple of errands and some sewing projects just to keep in practice and not fall behind for the next events.

And speaking of events: Wow, I cannot believe that Harvest is next weekend already, and Panhandle only 3 weeks away. I’m really looking forward to both events, and on to November and Coronation–the first road trip in the new car!

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